VR-Yhtymä Oy (VR)


Информация за влака Lähijunat (L). Как да запазите билети за Lähijunat (L). Намерете снимки и клипове за влака.

Lähijunat are suburban trains operating in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Trains run on five routes:
- Helsinki to Espoo/Kirkkonummi/Siuntio
- Helsinki Ring Line to Helsinki Airport
- Helsinki to Kerava/Riihimäki/Tampere
- Helsinki to Kerava/Lahti
- Riihimäki to Lahti
On most routes several lines operate. Each line has its own stopping pattern: some lines call at all stations, others only at some stations.

Most trains consist of modern EMU, class Sm4 or Sm5. Some services are still operated by older Sm2 class trains.
- 2nd class seats only in open-plan arrangement with five (2+3) seats per row.
- air-condition
- low-floor entry (not on Sm2 class)
- facilites for the disabled (not on Sm2 class)
- bicycle transport

No seat reservation possible.

Купи билета за влак на жп гарата. Забележка: в някои страни трябва да платиш такса на билетното гише. Билетът може да бъде закупен на спирка в страната на заминаване, а понякога и в други държави.