Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB)


Информация за влака InterCity Bus (ICB). Как да запазите билети за InterCity Bus (ICB). Намерете снимки и клипове за влака.

The Intercity Bus services connect Graz and Klagenfurt on the Motorway, taking benefit of the much shorter road connection. The existing railway line makes a long detour resulting in longer journey times. The buses are modern, with air-condition and 2nd and 1st class seats. Seat reservation is not compulsory but recommended on peak days (Friday Graz > Klagenfurt; Sunday Klagenfurt > Graz).

   Graz - Klagenfurt

Резервацията е възможна, но не е задължителна

2ра класа: EUR 3,50

1ва класа: EUR 3,50