Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB)


Информация за влака EuroCity (EC). Как да запазите билети за EuroCity (EC). Намерете снимки и клипове за влака.

Eurocity are classic international express trains, operating on many routes from Austria to neighbouring countries. Trains consist of modern 2nd and 1st class coaches with air-condition and plugs. A restaurant or bistro car is usually available. Depending on the destination the trains can consist of coaches from different national railway companies, all differing in interior design and comfort. However, usually you will find both open-plan and compartment carriages.

   Wien - Graz - Ljubljana/Zagreb | Graz/Klagenfurt - Salzburg - München - Frankfurt/Saarbrücken/Köln/Dortmund | Wien - Budapest - Debrecen/Beograd | Wien - Warszawa - Gdansk

Резервацията е възможна, но не е задължителна

2ра класа: EUR 3,50

1ва класа: EUR 3,50