Hrvatske Željeznice Putnički Prijevoz (HŽ)


Информация за влака Brzi (B). Как да запазите билети за Brzi (B). Намерете снимки и клипове за влака.

Brzi are express trains running on the main lines of the railway network of Croatia. They connect Zagreb with the other large cities of the country. Some trains also run on international routes to Ljubljana, Villach, Budapest and Belgrade.

Brzi trains usually consist of loco-hauled refurbished coaches. Some trains are operated with mulitple untis. International service can also convey carriages from other railways.

- all trains convey 2nd class accomodation, usually in compartments with six seats
- most trains also convey 1st class accommodation, usually in open-plan arrangement with three seats per row (2+1)
- air-condition available on many trains
- power sockets available on most trians
- bicycle transport possible on most trains
- facilites for passengers with reduced mobility only on some trains

Seat reservation not compulsory.

Brzi sind Schnellzüge die auf allen Hauptstrecken in Kroatien zum Einsatz kommen. Sie verbinden Zagreb mit den wichtigsten Städten des Landes. Einige Züge fahren auch auf internationalen Route, zum Beispiel nach Ljubljana, Villach, Belgrad und Budapest.

   Zagreb - Rijeka | Zagreb - Split | Zagreb - Osijek | Zagreb - Vinkovci | Zagreb - Varazdin - Cakovec

Резервацията е възможна, но не е задължителна

2ра класа: EUR 1

1ва класа: EUR 1

Купи билета за влак на жп гарата. Забележка: в някои страни трябва да платиш такса на билетното гише. Билетът може да бъде закупен на спирка в страната на заминаване, а понякога и в други държави.