В Черна гора с влак

Как да пътуваме в Черна гора с влак: информация, връзки, блог и пътнически разкази. Помощ в нашия форум за закупуване на жп билети.

Черна Гора: To travel by train in Montenegro, buy your ticket locally at a railway station. No online tickets are available. The only international connection by train is to Serbia.
Купи билета за влак на жп гарата. Забележка: в някои страни трябва да платиш такса на билетното гише. Билетът може да бъде закупен на спирка в страната на заминаване, а понякога и в други държави.


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Подгорица - BarBar - ПодгорицаПодгорица - Kotor


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rail.cc / Deutsche Bahn


ME Черна Гора AL Албания

There are no passenger trains between Montenegro and Albania. To cross the border, travel by bus or minibus. There are frequent conections betwen Ulcinj and Shkoder as well as services from Podgorica to Shkoder and also long distance buses operating from Kotor and Podgorica to Shkoder and Tirana.

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ME Черна Гора BA Босна и Херцеговина

To travel from Montenegro to Bosnia-Herzegovina, you have to use a bus. There is no direct train connection available. There are daily and direct buses from Podgorica (Montenegro) to Sarajevo and Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina). Buy these bus tickets directly at the bus terminal for about EUR 15-20 one-way.

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ME Черна Гора HR Хърватска

There is no railway connection between Montenegro and Croatia. If you are heading to the area of Split and Dubrovnik on the Adriatic coast the best option is to take a bus from Podgorica - Kotor - Herceg Novi to Dubrovnik. If you want to go to Zagreb, you can either travel to Split by bus and then continue by train or travel by train to Belgrade, then change to the train to Zagreb.

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ME Черна Гора KS Косово

To travel from Montenegro to Kosovo you have to use a bus. There are daily bus connections from Podgorica (Montenegro) to Pristina (Kosovo) for a ticket price of about EUR 15. The journey time is about eight hours. Buy the bus ticket directly at the bus station.

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ME Черна Гора RS Сърбия

Direct day and night trains connect Montenegro and Serbia via one of the most scenic rail routes of Europe. Please read our blog for details and ticket prices.

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