Interrail нощен влак от Париж до Albi: Intercités de Nuit 3757 (ICN 3757). Къде да купите резерваци. Информация за разписания. Седящи места/кушет/спални вагони.

Interrail нощни влакове

Night train connecting Paris with Albi on Fridays. On the remaining days of the week the night train runs from Paris to Rodez only.

The SNCF Intercités de Nuit offer three different kinds of accomodation: Reclining seats (2nd class), 6-bed couchettes (2nd class) and 4-bed couchettes (1st class).

Reclining seats have individual footrests and armrests and can recline 45 degrees. They are arranged in "airline style" which means you have plenty of room for your legs. Toilets with washing basin are located at the end of the carriage and you can store luggage in the luggage racks above the seats or at the end of the carriage.

Couchettes are available with either six berths (2nd class) or four berths (1st class) per compartment. The berths are comfortable and blankets and duvets are provided. Passengers in couchette accomodation get a small amenity bag with earplugs and refreshing tissues. Compartments can be locked from the inside and you will get a wake-up call from the conductor in the morning.

If you want to have a compartment on your own it is possible to book a "espace privatif" (private compartment) at a surcharge, starting from 40€.

All trains have dedicated bicycle compartments (reservation compulsory).

The schedules of Intercités de Nuit trains can vary at short notice. Please always check the timings for your travel day on the SNCF website.

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Купете вашия официален Interrail пас от партньорския магазин на Получете безплатен ПЛЮС акаунт в Същата услуга, цени и условия като в официалния магазин. С вашата поръчка вие помагате за цялата безплатна информация в Благодарим ви!

Interrail   КУПЕТЕ ТУК

гара пристигане тръгване

fr Париж Gare d'Austerlitz


fr Orléans Les Aubrais


fr Rodez Gare



fr Albi Ville


The schedules of Intercités de Nuit trains can vary at short notice. Please always check the timings for your travel day on the SNCF website.

Не трябва да сменяте влакове. Времената са само информативни.

Има връзки в тези дни от седмицата (1=понеделник / 7=неделя):

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Travel this route in reverse direction: ICN 3756 / Albi-Париж

категория Interrail

Падаща седалка | 2ра класа

18 if cheaper reservations are sold out


Кушет 6 | Купе с 6 места | 2ра класа

25 if cheaper reservations are sold out

EUR 18,80

Кушет 4 | Купе с 4 места | 1ва класа

25 if cheaper reservations are sold out

EUR 18,80

Важно: дадените цени могат да варират заради такси да обслужване. В зависимост от това дали купувате резервациите/билетите онлайн, от машина или на жп гарата.

категория: Само наличните категории са описани.

The following trains might be an alternative connection for you:

ICN 3755 / Париж-Rodez
Билети за влак: ако искате да пътувате по този маршрут с билети за влак вместо с Interrail, погледнете тук за цените и за възможностите за резервиране.
19:00 h rule for night trains

If a trip on a direct overnight train departs after 19:00 h in the evening and arrives after 04:00 h in the morning, it is only necessary to enter the date of arrival in the travel calendar boxes on the rail pass. This also covers travel between 19:00 h and 24:00 h on the day of departure, as long as the day of departure and arrival both fall within the overall period of the pass validity. When travelling with an overnight ferry covered by the pass, either the date of departure or arrival may be entered in the travel calendar boxes on the ticket.

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