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С Interrail и ферибот от Барселона до Ливорно. Информация за цената на билетите (безплатно?), разписание и маршрут. Снимки и видеа.

Ferry from Barcelona (Spain) to Livorno (Italy, close to Pisa and Florence). The port in Barcelona is close to the city centre and is easy to reach. From Livorno you have very good train connections to the cities of Pisa and Florence. From port of Livorno to the railway station it is a walk of 45 minutes.
Grimaldi Lines

Grimaldi Lines / GRIM

Pullman Seat is the cheapest category.

Prices vary depending on the season and the time period you book in advance. Please use therefore the booking engine at the Grimaldi Lines website.

In most cases it is cheaper to travel by Grimaldi ferry from Civitavecchia (more in the south, close to Rome), as you only have to book a seat and not a cabin.

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Как да пътувате с Interrail в Испания. Общ преглед и информация за маршрутите в Испания, видове влакове, нощни влакове и Interrail резервации.