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С Interrail или автобус от Bodø до Нарвик. Информация за цената на билетите (безплатно?), разписание и маршрут. Снимки и видеа.

Bus connections between Bodoe (Bodø) and Narvik in Norway. On this route you don't have a connection by train. From Narvik trains run in direction of Sweden. If you don't want to stop in Bodø and go straight ahead to Narvik, leave the train already in Fauske. Take the same bus line Nr. 720 to Narvik. It is cheaper as it is a shorter distance. Recommended is to visit the Lofoten islands. Take the ferry from Bodø, then continue by bus.

177 Nordland / 177N

Bodø - Narvik single: 260 NOK; 50% reduction for children, students and seniors

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Interrail   КУПЕТЕ ТУК
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Как да пътувате с Interrail в Норвегия. Общ преглед и информация за маршрутите в Норвегия, видове влакове, нощни влакове и Interrail резервации.