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Подробен списък на жп компаниите в АВСТРИЯ, които можете да използвате с Eurail. И тези, за които не ви е позволено да използвате Eurail.

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Achenseebahn AG / AB

Narrow gauge steam rack railway from Jenbach to Lake Achen. Operated only by steam engines, the railway line connects Jenbach with the beautiful Lake Achen over a 6,7 km line with a gradient of up to 160‰. Trains are only operated during the summer season, usually from April to October.

Eurail НЕ важи в Achenseebahn AG !

Graz-Köflacher Bahn und Busbetrieb GmbH / GKB

GKB operates three suburban railway lines (S6, S61 and S7) in the area south-west from Graz. They mostly use modern diesel trains (Stadler GTW) as well as double-decker trains on some services. Routes: Graz - Hengsberg - Wies-Eibiswald | Graz - Lannach - Wies-Eibiswald | Graz - Köflach

Eurail НЕ важи в Graz-Köflacher Bahn und Busbetrieb GmbH !

Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurti Vasút - Raaberbahn AG / GySEV

GySEV (or ROeEE: Raab-Oedenburg-Ebenfurter Eisenbahn) is an Austrian-Hungarian railway company that is based in Sopron, Hungary. It operates long-distance traffic in Hungary as well as regional trains in Hungary and Austria. On some routes in Hungary GySEV trains run besides trains of state railway...

Eurail важи в Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurti Vasút - Raaberbahn AG !

Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe und Stubaitalbahn GmbH / IVB

Besides urban transport in Innsbruck (buses and trams), IVB also operates the Stubai Valley Railway from Innsbruck to Fulpmes. The 18km line uses tramway tracks in the centre of Innsbruck before running through beautiful scenery to its terminus.

Eurail НЕ важи в Innsbrucker Verkehrsbetriebe und Stubaitalbahn GmbH !

Meridian / M

Operates the Meridian regional trains from Munich to Rosenheim, Salzburg und Kufstein.

Eurail важи в Meridian !

Montafonerbahn AG / MBS

MBS operates local trains on the 12km long line from Schruns to Bludenz on the Arlberg Line. Some trains continue beyond Bludenz to Bregenz and Lindau on Lake Constance.

Eurail НЕ важи в Montafonerbahn AG !

Niederösterreichische Verkehrsorganisationsgesellschaft / NÖVOG

NÖVOG operate a number of secondary lines in Lower Austria. Most of them are touristic lines with a limited number of operating days. Routes: St Pöten - Mariazell | Citybahn Waidhofen | Gmünd - Litschau/Groß Gerungs/Heidenreichstein | Krems - Emmersdorf | Retz - Drosendorf

Eurail НЕ важи в Niederösterreichische Verkehrsorganisationsgesellschaft !

Österreichische Bundesbahnen / ÖBB

Eurail важи в Österreichische Bundesbahnen !

Optima Tours / OPT

Optima Tours operate the "Optima Express" car-carrying train from Villach in Austria to Edirne in Turkey. The train conveys couchette cars, a restaurant car and car-carrying coaches. The route is via Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade and Sofia. However, there are no official stops along the route, you can...

Eurail НЕ важи в Optima Tours !

Russian Railways

Российские железные дороги / RZD

Russian Railways

The railway company of Russia: Российские железные дороги / Rossijskije schelesnyje dorogi. RZD operates a network of over 85.000 kilometres.

Eurail НЕ важи в Российские железные дороги !

Stern & Hafferl Verkehr GmbH / SH

Stern&Hafferl operate regional trains on several secondary lines in Upper Austria. Routes: Vöcklamarkt - Attersee | Linz - Peuerbach/Neumarkt | Lambach - Vorchdorf | Vorchdorf - Gmunden

Eurail НЕ важи в Stern & Hafferl Verkehr GmbH !

Salzburger Lokalbahn / SLB

SLB operate local railway lines in Salzburg. Besides S1 and S11 suburban lines from the town of Salzburg to its suburbs they are the scenic Pinzgau Line and the rack railway to Schafberg. Routes: Salzburg - Lamprechtshausen/Trimmelkam | Zell am See - Krimml | St Wolfgang - Schafberg.

Eurail НЕ важи в Salzburger Lokalbahn !

Steiermärkische Landesbahnen / STLB

STLB operate a number of secondary lines in Styria. Routes: Peggau-Deutschfeistritz - Übelbach | Gleisdorf - Weiz | Feldbach - Bad Gleichenberg | Unzmarkt - Murau - Tamsweg

Eurail НЕ важи в Steiermärkische Landesbahnen !


Westbahn is a private operator of Intercity services between Vienna and Salzburg. They use a fleet of modern Stadler Flirt double-deck EMU.

Eurail важи в WESTbahn !

Wiener Lokalbahnen AG / WLB

WLB operate a light rail service from the city centre of Vienna to the spa town of Baden south of Vienna. The route runs parallel to the "Südbahn" main line operated by Austrian Railways ÖBB.

Eurail НЕ важи в Wiener Lokalbahnen AG !

Zillertalbahn / ZB

Zillertalbahn operate local trains on the narrow gauge line from Jebach to Mayrhofen. During the summer season they also offer steam trains.

Eurail НЕ важи в Zillertalbahn !

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