Eurail фериботи

С Eurail и ферибот от Стокхолм до Турку. Информация за цената на билетите (безплатно?), разписание и маршрут. Снимки и видеа.

From Stockholm to Turku by ferry. Special discounts are available for Interrail and Eurail pass travellers.
Tallink Silja

Tallink Silja / TALL

Day trip Stockholm - Turku

High season (red departures):
Deck place: EUR 16 (including fuel surcharge EUR 2)

Low season (green departures):
Deck place: EUR 7 (including fuel surcharge EUR 2)

The 50% Interrail / Eurail Pass discount is applied to all types of accommodation.

Night trip Stockholm - Turku

On overnight ferry crossings a cabin is required!
However, it is not a must to book a whole cabin for yourself. You can also "only" book one berth in a shared cabin. These are always a 4-bed cabins, meaning the cabin may be filled up with three strangers. There are separated cabins for women and men.

High season (red departures):
Shared cabin with Interrail / Eurail discount: EUR 27

Low season (green departures):
Shared cabin with Interrail / Eurail discount: EUR 13

Select SHARED CABIN from cabin-type, if desired or required.
COUPON code when online booking: INTERRAIL or EURAIL
Viking Line

Viking Line / VIKI

Day trip Turku - Stockholm

High season:
Deck place: from EUR 20

Low season:
Deck place: from EUR 10

50% discount for Interrail / Eurail Pass travelers.

Night trip Turku - Stockholm
Fares see Viking Line website.

Directly via the Viking Line website (also Interrail and Eurail discounts).

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20% намаление
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  Eurail в Швеция

Как да пътувате с Eurail в Швеция. Общ преглед и информация за маршрутите в Швеция, видове влакове, нощни влакове и Eurail резервации.