Veolia Transport Sverige (VEOS)


معلومات عن القطار Snälltåget (SNÄ) . كيفية حجز تذاكرSnälltåget (SNÄ). العثور على صور وأفلام عن القطار.

Snälltaget operates an express train on the route from Malmö to Stockholm. Additionally there is a winter season night train from Malmö via Stockholm to Östersund, Are and Vemdalen, as well as a summer season night train from Malmö to Berlin.

The trains within Sweden consist of various older, refurbished carriages with comfortable seats in 2nd and 1st class. Seats are available in open-plan arrangement as well as in compartments. The trains have a restaurant car. On the night train from Malmö to Vemdalen/Are there are additionally couchette cars available. Power sockets and WiFi is available as well.

The night train from Malmö to Berlin consists of couchette cars only.

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