Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB)


معلومات عن القطار Railjet (RJ) . كيفية حجز تذاكرRailjet (RJ). العثور على صور وأفلام عن القطار.

The Railjet is the backbone of Austria's long distance trains. They operate on almost all main lines on both domestic and international services, running up to 230 km/h. Railjet trains are fixed trainsets with open-plan seats in 2nd and 1st class. Additionally "Business" accomodation is provided at a surcharge on top of the 1st class ticket. The carriages have air-condition, plugs and free Wifi in both 2nd and 1st class. A restaurant car is available on all services.

Compulsory reservation for domestic trips within Hungary. On all other routes no compulsory reservation.

Most Railjet services between Austria and Czech Republic are operated by trainsets of Czech Railways. These are identical to the newer Austrian Railjets with five 2nd class coaches and just two 1st class coaches.

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