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معلومات عن القطار EuroCity (EC) . كيفية حجز تذاكرEuroCity (EC). العثور على صور وأفلام عن القطار.

EuroCity trains are international express trains operating from Czech Republic to Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria. Depending on the route, carriages from different railway companies are in use. You will find coaches of CD (Czech Railways) on most EC trains to Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, while some EC trains consist of coaches of other railway companies.

The EC trains of CD consist of recently refurbished coaches with air-condition and power sockets. The trains on the route to Germany have also been fitted with WiFi. All trains convey 2nd and 1st class seats. In 2nd class, mosts carriages have four seats per row (2+2 seats) in open-plan arrangement with seats both in rows as well as facing each other with large tables in between. Some cars also have compartments with six seats. In 1st class you will find seats in open-plan arrangement with three seats per row (2+1 seats), most of them in rows with only a few seats facing each other. All trains convey a restaurant car with a varied menu offering snacks, drinks and several hot dishes. Most trains have facilities for the disabled and can also convey bicycles.

Seat reservations for journeys within Czech Republic are 35 CZK only.

   Praha - Berlin/Hamburg/München/Bratislava/Budapest/Warszawa/Kosice

الحجوزات ممكنة ولكنها ليست إلزامية

المستوى الثاني: CZK 83

المستوى الأول: CZK 83

اشتر تذكرة القطار من محطة السكة الحديد. ملحوظة: ستضطر لدفع ضريبة الخدمة في شباك التذاكر في عدد من الدول. يمكن شراء التذاكر من محطة دولة المغادرة، والدول الأخرى أيضًا في بعض الأحيان.